Thursday, July 20, 2017

Relax and Cupcake On: Card for the CUTTING CAFE

What is there not to like about glitter paper, a cool new cutting file to try, and some fabric washi tape? Not to mention I used up several scraps of paper that were hanging out on my desk so not only did I make a card, but I cleaned my work area. ;-) Score!

It was unexpectedly a whole lot of fun using silhouettes as a back drop yet a focal point for this card. Regina asked us to use a file of hers over at THE CUTTING CAFE which is named Fun with Silhouettes and contains over 66 images. Since I was in DIRE need of a birthday card (which is incidentally only four or five days late depending how the mail goes) it made perfect sense to grab the cupcake with a candle and a cake stand.

Off this card goes tomorrow to my SIS in LAW who is hopefully having a nice relaxing birthday week as she is off for the summer. Let's hope that is how things are going. More likely she's running kids around and wishing she could have a cupcake and put her feet up.

Have a fabulous Friday!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer Vacation Time Layout: Tie Dye Party

Lately I've been pulling out paper that is old! This fruity paper is only from last summer I think...I had been scratching my head as to what I was going to use for these tie dye party photos....and while digging I also came across these really cool paper flowers...hence this page was born!

Really the main photo I wanted to show case was this one of Lexi and her crazy magenta fingers! So I printed it out in black and white and then again in color. Really like that look. ;-) Cute kid too!

I am really digging those spats. I was originally wishing to tie dye some paper, but hadn't really come up with a good plan on how to do that so I had to content myself with big ole purple splats and then some splatters. In general, this page is a lot like Lexi's party. First only two girls were coming and next thing you know, I had a houseful of kids making shirts! Unplanned fun!

Hope your week is off to a good start! I'm back tomorrow with a cool card that is all glittery!

Monday, July 17, 2017

4th Fun Layout: Centerway Fireworks

Goodness, what are things coming to over here! I haven't managed a page in forever and when I got this one around, it's super flat! Just some little gems and flowers! This one was inspired by taking out some really old paper and determining that using it up would be just the ticket for a 4th of July page.

I don't know if you can tell, but the light blue piece has circles cut out so you can see the flower paper behind. The flower paper is really pretty but super busy. I thought circles worked well for fireworks!

I asked a friend if I could use her firework photo. That particular one was my favorite firework from the show. It was nice she said yes, I didn't even try to take photos after that terrible photo of Lexi and I in the dark!

Anyhow, I'm off to start this week! Happy Monday!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

All Work & Not Much Play (but it's OK)

Goodness I've missed blogging. Not only is construction season upon us at work, but we've nearly wrapped up one house and due to timing, we did our dedication to our new home owner. That's all over Facebook if you are interested. Heck, you can even watch my speech. (wince) We have all kinds of little extra projects we do to that go along with the house that I thought I'd share since I am certainly not crafting. More like falling asleep early on the couch!

Candy Bar Doug always gives us a tree or bush for our new home as part of a memorial to his wife Debbie. Since this little Japanese maple wasn't going to plant itself and the guys were busy inside working on trim, I got all kinds of crazy in the front garden. It involved taking out a honey suckle bush too which wasn't all that fun in the heat, but I did win finally. I think in part it was because of that awesome shovel which is older than me...

We also gave the new homeowner this adorable little bookshelf that one guy built, the other guy used his CNC machine to carve the top logo, and then I helped paint & distress. The new homeowner is a vintage girl, and it will fit right in with house. It's part of another memorial where we also fill it with books due to a donation from Rotary.

Next week we're off to tackle the backyard, which is quite a jungle. It's sad but some of the awesome roses have to get cut out because the little people need room to play. During the dedication they were playing in the front yard and driveway...and that can't happen!

Well, I am off to paint a house with a crew of young area professionals. I had the house prepped yesterday with some scraping and I hope they found all the wasps then...It's cooler today, but I imagine I'll be asleep early again on the couch...

Happy Saturday!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Happy Happy Mail

I've missed Lizzy as she's been more on Instagram than blogging these days, but it was quite a happy surprise to get awesome mail from her! I did a little photo shoot on my favorite vintage tray to show it off! Check out that cool tassel and metallic doily!

It's full of yummy goodies! So rock star! I can't wait to pack this in my bag that's going camping with me! I'll be scrapping on a picnic table with wine & this awesome present!

There is a second bunch of goodies too! Happy bling dance!

It's lovely everywhere! She always picks awesome color combos that I never think of! Thanks so much Lizzy and just think, you'll be camping with me!!!

Have a great day!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Today Butterfly Affirmation Piece with Pop Up Flowers for THE CUTTING CAFE

Oh my I am loving my new butterfly affirmation piece. Lexi painted this wooden butterfly and got annoyed before she finished it. Hence it was mine to play with! It was a perfect candidate for these new pop up flowers from THE CUTTING CAFE.

Check them out! I played a little with the paper leaves to give them more dimension. I also added those cool stamens to the flowers. 

Once I cut a little hole on the bottom, it was easy to sneak in the stamens with some hot glue. Of course these flowers are collapsible, but in this application they are just pretty! 

I have this butterfly hanging out right in front of my kitchen sink to remind me to live in TODAY and not worry so much about tomorrow. I'm really good at borrowing trouble and worrying about the eight things that probably won't happen! So, just focus on TODAY! 

Hope your Friday is a happy one! Hugs!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Two Tiered Stand for the Laundry Room

Recently I came across a little two tied stand at work in the metal scrap. To be honest, it wasn't very nice. I had wanted to make one myself, only more interesting to put next to the laundry room sink for holding scrubbers & soap. I snagged the hardware from the stand and went looking in my own stash for what to use. I had considered a little plate, but then found this metal tray with feet which matched the shape on this diamond shaped scallop bowl.

I thought perhaps painting them to match the accent color in the laundry room would be nice. I am loving that soft turquoise color these days. I added a little gold splatter just because. The hardest part of the project was drilling two holes using a metal bit. Honestly once I found a sharp bit, it was pretty quick!

See, it even works holding the sink strainer! Although some pretty little soaps would be way cuter!

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Relax Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy

Happy First of the Month challenge which is up at Another Freaking Scrappy! Wow, we're cruising along now full speed into summer, which is probably why I was so pumped to take a photo of this Japanese garden we built! We started it in the spring of 2015 & finished it. Now it's finally starting to really mature and look lovely. Recently I started acquiring round rocks so I could fight a winning battle against the pine needles and boy do I like the look!

See I made this page all the way back in 2015 so I wouldn't lose that little sketch my Mom drew up of the garden. And there it sat in my UFO pile waiting for a good photo. Since the little maple is finally big enough, I snapped a photo. This layout totally qualified for the challenge which is to use up some paper that is older than a year, it worked!!

Here is a close up of the flower cluster and a little fern I cut out of striped gold paper. I wanted to pull in the color of the purple pen my Mom used. That little stray purple flower kinda fell there during hot gluing and it fits the whole garden theme. ;-)

The title on this page was inspired by traditional Japanese gardens. They are generally very orderly and inspire you to relax and be calm. I feel that way often when I get to my back door as my house is a sanctuary from the rest of the world.

Since I can't leave you without another photo of the garden....

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Vintage Frame with Stained Glass Mosaic & Black Grout Tutorial

Recently I convinced a bunch of my friends to convene for another art event in our garage. This time it involved cutting glass and black grout. See, Luke made this really cool framed mosaic in art class and I wanted to make one just like it. My theory was that if an 8th Grader could do it, I could too. For the record, I do not also believe this to be the case with say like Algebra or French. Since I was too busy chit chatting and picking through the pretty glass to actually make mine, I had to get caught up. Since I was catching up anyhow, I opted to take some photos for a tutorial so you can try this at home.

Step one: Score some free glass pieces. They sell them in various craft stores, but I got creative and hit up a local stained glass place for their extra pieces. They were more than willing to hook me up. I now have LOTS of extra glass for the next big plan, which I have...

Step two:  Find a cool frame and paint it if you don't care for what it currently looks like. In this case I hit mine with some black spray paint and added gold speckles.

Step three:  Glue the piece of glass in with hot glue. We skipped this step when we were making them but mine is a frame where the glass slides in. I figured I should be safe. We also used white school glue to glue our pieces on. Since I was nearly out of white glue, I used hot glue. I think it would be preference as I can see both kinds of glue through the glass.

Step four:  Keep filling the frame with glass pieces. They can be easily cut with a glass cutting tool. I spent around $12 on mine at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon. Since I plan on making mosaics, it was well worth the money. You will want to leave a gap around the edges for the grout and between the pieces. I used a lot of big and chunky pieces on mine. I am thinking in this case the hot glue was a better option. I also used a piece of metal for variety.

Step 5:  Here is where it gets messy. You will need to add grout to all the cracks. I used a flat scraper to push it into all the crevasses between the glass pieces and then a sponge to clean off the rest. You can't clean too much or you'll take the grout out between the pieces. Then you let it dry.

The part Luke left out was that the textured glass would be hard to clean later. Basically I used a pick to really clean out all the grout that lodged itself in the textured parts.

Since I was planning on putting my frame on the window of the laundry room, I added a clear spray for good measure. Really love how it came out...I'll be back at some point with everyone else's projects. Planning my next project now!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sunshine & Good Times: Oneida Lake

So, I have dipped my toe in the water of Project Life and a gater snapped it off. No really, I found quickly that I detest the little pockets that you fill up. I didn't like the clear see through nature of them hence ripped them all out of the pockets and glued them down to a regular page of scrap book paper. Having done that with all my pages, it was second nature to take a page of project life paper, cut it accordingly, add a couple of other scraps and voila! Instant patch work page.

My big photo collage echos the background. Just a bunch of cool photos from the weekend. Luke grilling up a huge salmon, Grandpa Roger driving around his three wheeled golf cart, a bunch of crazy peeps on the boat, and a new cottage are all memory worthy!

It's a pretty flat page with the exception of these letters. A couple of them I made, because I must use a LOT of A's so instead of tossing all the letters in the garbage...trying to use some more up!

Happy Happy! Back tomorrow with a layout on a glass mosaic! I do love black grout!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Chillaxing on the First Weekend

We are all officially done with school so this is the first official weekend of summer for me. This is some of my favorite time of year as at least two of us out of four are not stressed out. The boy got a towel as he left middle school prompting at least a couple of So Long and Thanks for all the Fish comments in reference to Hitchhikers. He's off to STEM Academy in the fall due to his own dilegence and abilities. Only forty kids from local schools are picked. I am hoping he's not as stressed out in the fall, but somehow I doubt it. Having found out recently that they asked him to run high school track and go to All County Chorus and he turned them down, I suppose he's good at managing his own's hard being so awesome. (warning-big Mom brag)

Since we plan camping months and months ahead, it was nice to run off to Oneida Lake for a couple of days. I even managed a few lazy mornings in bed with a book. I had to borrow one from the kids as I don't normally read. I avoid it all costs because once I get into a book I refuse to do anything else but read it and that makes everyone else mad because they like meals and clean laundry. The nerve.

Granda Pratt took us out on his new boat and I spent some time testing out the lounge seats. They are very awesome. Should have paired them up with a book, but again everyone expected me to talk to them too...silly people.

I'm back tomorrow with a layout from our adventures and later on in the week I'll be posting my newest addiction....mosaics with stained glass & found objects....and black grout!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Taking Time to Smell the Roses

Goodness gracious it was super rainy earlier this week which is totally helping to grow the flowers. It's also helping the back yard of the Habitat House we're working on to explode into a jungle. We'll be getting to that soon, but for now when I'm making calls I wander through and look at all the roses. This pink one is my favorite. In fact, I think I'll try to make some cuttings. We can't leave it all since the new home owner has two little kids who will need some space to play. I've been looking forward to working on the backyard since last summer when we looked at the house. 

This one just showed up out of the foliage. Most of the other roses are bushes, but this is a single contributor. All pretty coral & all by itself. I have a couple of volunteers like that. They like to wander off and work on something hard all by themselves with some tunes. 

Others work in groups on a door. Or on flooring. Finish work is fussy work so sometimes it's like watching paint dry. Of course there are also days paint IS drying. Normally Doug is painting and he's super good at it. He just pops around with his brush and before you know it, all your trim is perfect with the nail holes filled. He's a funny dude. He missed last Saturday as he was off at a rattle snake hunt. 

Well, I'm off. There is camping this weekend as it's the very busy time. The folks will carry on without me tomorrow. It will be a nice surprise to come back on Monday and see what got accomplished! 

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Eataly Layout for Lexi (Subtitled: Get it?)

The oldest was so proud of this photo of a resturant in Italy when she got home. She thought it was very punny, hence it got made into a big page for her book. I also used a smaller photo of pizza that she took. It sounded like between pizza and pasta, that is pretty much what she ate all week. ;-) Well, add in gelatos as well. Poor kid must have really suffered.

Had a fun little play with some blooms, string, and a tassle. I am trying to keep her book pretty flat so trying (for once) to not load up the pages too much. Really digging that vellum with the gold. So pretty!

While I had that pretty paper out, I used a chunk of it on a card that is flying off to a friend who is currently hospitalized. I am hoping it's waiting for her when she arrives home to cheer her up.

I felt pretty clever when I punched out a big scallop and then stamped in the center of it, so the sentiment is actually on the inside...

Well, two pages and a card made this past's to a productive week and hoping I get a chance to wrap up a few more projects! Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sweet City: Venice Layout for Lexi & THE CUTTING CAFE

Oh goodness. It's always fun to repurpose a printing file in a cool and different way. Add in some fun stamping on photo paper and I'm all kinds of pumped.

Check out this cool BINGO card from THE CUTTING CAFE. It's in the Valentine's Day Bingo Set. See I was at the very last of the letters on the sticker sheet and I wanted to say something about Venice being I cheated and used the top of the Bingo Card for my title...I used a cool little stamp on top of it too which made me extra happy...

Lexi was pleased with her page when she wandered by. I'm finally making a little more progress in her book! I'll be back with another page tomorrow...

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Lexi's New Car & Tie Dye layout

I was going to start working on Italy layouts but these photos & a circular piece of white matte board inspired me to scrap the car washing from this past weekend. I inked up the white matte board with lots of inks and then sprayed them with shimmer spray to get them to run together like tie dye.

I wanted to match Lexi's t-shirt that she made in Chemistry. Love how this page turned out, even without adding a title. Kind ran out of room with two photos and her driving class receipt. Really loving those water color flowers and those purple splats.

Love the little water color paper I added that Lexi made. Tucked it under everything else. The blue splats reminded me of water!

Just a little flat page to add to my book. Another one done and dusted! Off to work on Venice next!