Thursday, September 21, 2017

Poconos Layout for THE CUTTING CAFE using the Vintage Boot File

Really loved this Vintage Boot I created for THE CUTTING CAFE. In fact, I knew I had the perfect page for it when I spotted it. It was really quite simple to assemble, once I cut out the pieces. It's meant to be a card, but here it's a really pretty embellishment.

I cut out all the pieces to the file as I wanted the boot to have dimension. I pop dotted the pieces and added the last piece that I inked up and stamped with a pretty lace image. The little lace buttons were in my stash and I added lots of flowers by the boot to accent it.

This page was really all about using up some scraps and talking about the last camping trip of the season. Both kids had commitments, so we went by ourselves and discovered how quiet it was and how much room we had minus two kids and a dog. It was very relaxing, except for keeping track of the kids!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sun Shine & Good Times Layout from Cape Cod (Day 2)

Plugging away on making pages from our recent Cape Cod trip. I'm really finding that I'm enjoying the collages provided by Google Photo. I just figure out which photos I want and make a collage. That way I don't end up with five trillion pages from one week! It works to sumorize one day and unless I have a really special photo or two, helps to get the layouts all scrapped.

The backgrounds I actually made WHILE camping, so they all have a similar look. This is a good thing as they will all be hanging out together in my book...see, almost looks like I meant to make a double page spread!

I specifically bought some matching flowers so they layouts from this trip will all jive. I've been enjoying some new blooms! Funny what a little shopping does for one! Happy Shopping Dance!

I'll be back soon with Day One from our trip!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Wince Worthy Plastic Doilies & a Giveaway

Had a little stroll through ReStore the other day. Was pretty pumped about finding these really pretty yellow roses in a baggie, some little penguins that will be cute on a winter card, cool shimmer dove & heart confetti for shaker cards, and a little woodsy humming bird. Randomly, I was also excited about these really ugly plastic doiles, but let me tell you why...

These plastic doilies in the wild are really a monstrosity. Here they look all innocent, but I assure you that before I pulled all the foliage off they were quite hideous. I like them for two reasons. They work awesome for mixed media as they are really heavy duty. In fact, it's not my first time finding them. Back then I had a stack that I shared with friends and kept a couple of myself. Here's a layout from 2013 where I used plaster and then inked it up when it was dry.

I also used the plastic vintage looking foliage on Christmas cards.

Since I'm quite set on plastic doilies myself, I have three vintage plastic doilies up for grabs!!! I am keeping the foliage as that Christmas card season is sneaking up on us and it's kinda flat like, so good for posting.

First three peeps to message me will get their very own freshly washed Wince Worthy plastic doily, which is worth it's weigh in gold as a crafting supply!

Happy Happy!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

12 Tags of Christmas Prep for the Funkie Junkie

So, I don't know about you, but every year the Funkie Junkie 12 Tags of Chrismas sneaks up on me. I feel the same way about all the major holidays that happen at the end of the year too, like Christmas and Thanksgiving. I tell myself it's like getting upset it's winter again since that is what happens here in December.

Last year Linda started making her tags around the end of this month. I know, I just went and checked. In an effort to actually start these tags ON TIME, I started thinking about what I'm going to make in January, as in last January. I also recently conned talked my friend Lisa into playing too. She's going to use this fancy smancy golf ball holder. Hopefully I'll send it to her soon. I'm using little glass jars because I got the green and gold ones on clearance and they are super pretty. I think I'll do small ones first and work up to bigger ones with something built on top in 3-D. Having a plan now is a really good thing since I'm a couple of jars short and I will need a little time to eat an entire jar of artichoke hearts. Can't rush that.

So, yes, the 12 Jars of Christmas will start posting before you know it!

Let's have a little look back over the years as this will be my sixth year participating.  (I've also never won the prize drawing at the end, so maybe this year it will be me!) Please keep your toes crossed. 

Let's see....back in 2012 I decorated the top of Herb Ox containers.
Then in 2013 I altered a sample box. 

In 2014 I made icicles.

In 2015 I decorated punch cups. 

Last year I decorated Jello Molds. 

Yikes! I'm almost ready to even start Christmas cards! I'm getting all excited! 

Wish me luck! 

Monday, September 11, 2017

BEST DAY Layout from Cape Cod

We spent about a week recently camping in Cape Cod in the town of Bourne. Really loved the campground, which was super relaxing and nicely kept. THE MAN who was feeling a bit ill at the start of our trip having recently gotten over a summer cold declared that the kids would create the schedule. This was an epic idea.

Randomly wandering around on the first day we found some epic pizza rolls for lunch, a pretty little beach that was far from the maddening crowd, met some cool little crabs, and had a moon pie for dessert. We focused on having lunch out which is always the cheaper meal with dinner back at the camper & a campfire.

The background for this photo collage happened to be one I had made while we were in Cape Cod. In fact, I was so pleased how the roses in the paper corresponded to the rose from the beach. So pretty!


And because it's always nice to see a cool little crab, I'll leave you with a video!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Little Fall on a Sunday

As far as I can tell, camping season is over. I always tell myself that once school has started and it gets a little colder that we still have good weekends left....but then things speed up and a month later we end up winterizing the camper and saying good bye to campfires and scrapbooking on a picnic table. 

This summer wasn't conventional by a long shot anyhow.  It seemed like we had even less summer than normal! The oldest had a job at the Corning Museum of Glass. She drove herself to work, bought (or packed) her own lunch/dinner, got herself home, stopped at the library and basically was Mistress of her Own Destiny. The boy spent as many days as he could up on the Hill getting as many glider flights under his belt as possible in order to earn up the ability to fly solo. When he wasn't there, he spent two weeks at STEM which is a Science & Tech school that he applied for. They are selective on how many kids they take, with the caveat that you must go for two weeks during summer break. I was proud as hell when he was accepted and also super pleased he didn't complain about having to lose some of his valuable summer.  

I personally never thought the kids would camp as much as they did with us this summer, but for the most part they were with us, even for a week in Cape Cod. This makes my heart happy and in fact today I made quite a pretty layout of some recent photos. So beautiful and happy, those kids of mine!

Of course all that traveling made crafting a bit hard. I was asked what I was doing today on this rather cool and sunny Sunday and my answer was healing my soul in my office with some paper. Nobody even questioned it as they were probably tired of watching me pull out a small bag of paper and work on a picnic table. As much fun as it is to work from a kit, it's also nice to have all your STUFF right at your finger tips. 

So far today has involved some spray paint, hot glue, a layout, and lots and lots of catching up. Throw in a couple of load of laundry between chillaxing because well, well we do need clean clothes...I did also managed to put away these cards I had made on my last camping trip. I used the very last bits up of a couple of kits I had been playing with all summer. They are FLAT too, so I can mail them easily...also used up some pretty fall stuff I had been hoarding! This is a good thing! 

And last but not least....I am giving away my candlesticks & a cutting file from a HOP last week....are you ready?

Diane YOU are the winner! I'll send you out the cutting file and the candlesticks just as soon as I get your email and home addy! Happy Winner Dance!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Second in a Double Page Spread

Hello! If you landed here looking for a hop, click back one page and check out my candle sticks here for THE CUTTING CAFE. If not, read on!

I deliberately didn't have the first in my double page spread at hand. My first Encampment layout had taken advantage of a very piece of vintage air plane paper I had and I always have to scrounge to find red, white and blue paper so I knew it wasn't going to match at the start.

What I did have was a really cool photo of Luke's Hotel Squadron that I could print out really big and the ability to make another flower like the ones I used on the past page. Dug around to find some more red, white and blue paper and I gave it a whirl.

I noticed that on both pages I didn't bother with a title. I let the photos and journalling do the talking. I think it's because I had to use a lot of photos to tell the story and it was already pretty busy. Red is a hard color for me to scrap for some reason, kinda like purple for some reason so I 'm happy to have this one done and dusted!

Well, I am jetting off! I have to work today painting a Habitat House with a group! Which is red...incidentally! Lucky for me I don't have that trouble with paint.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Flower Sticks for THE CUTTING CAFE

Happy Bloggy Hop Day! Welcome to the Cutting Cafe’s Blog Hop where we are doing something completely different! Each of the ladies on the team are giving away the very set(s) that we used to create our projects. I am ALSO giving away these candle sticks! Double BAM cool!

Check out these flowers! You can easily make them yourself using Regina's Paper Flower Template. With any luck, I'll be giving you the set to try yourself. You will also have my set of candle sticks to enjoy! If you would like to win this cutting file set and my candlesticks, just leave me a comment letting me know what you think about my project. I will be drawing one winner this coming Sunday and will get the candles out to you shortly there after!

Since you are hopping, I'll make this short and sweet:

With any luck, you came from Lisa's Blog. You should be traveling next to my DT sista Keri who will also have a fun project and set you can win.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fernweh: Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy

The challenge this month over at Another Freaking Scrappy is to use purple! Wow, not a color I have a lot of in my scrap paper! Good thing I had a print that I made for an art project for Lexi that was ready for a page! I had it in my too good to throw out stash. Even had the moon and shimmer spray so worked well for this Eclipse page!

I even used a pair of the glasses the kids got when they went up to the observatory at Corning Community College. Made me happy as it had that really cool graphic and also the date! Was a really low key day for them just watching the eclipse, but Megan brought little planes to play with which helped the time pass!

I had to use a lot of staples to get the top paper to stay on the bottom glitter paper. Did finally get it all to work. Love that glitter paper!

Well, hope you get a chance to pull out some purple and have a play! Nice time to get some of that stash on a page and used up!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Throw Back Thursday on Friday

Goodness I came home dog tired! Meant to post this yesterday, but the boy had to get some volunteer hours so I had a ride along at work. Of course, it was a rainy day which is why he picked it. Can't fly too well up at Harris Hill in the rain. I ran him everywhere so he had a good flavor of what I do at work. He didn't like parts of it. ;-) Other parts (lunch) weren't so bad.

He asked me a couple of days ago to dig up this page for him. Luke is writing an essay to get into Flight School next year and wanted to see when he was up in a plane first. Turns out (this was a birthday page for Lexi) that it was pretty easy to tell he was five. Shout out to journaling!

While driving around to various house sites, he showed me this photo he got sent to him from the day before. You can tell he's loving it! Yes, he's flying the glider. At 14 no less.

I noticed on this page of mine that is around nine years old that I made this really cool chipboard title complete with a little compass in the o and with a chipboard heart with wings. This makes me miss all things's funny how things change and those aren't really in "style" at the moment.

Neither are those little ohhhh what did we call them that you had to punch carefully as they were metal...eyelets? They are super cute on here though. When did I stop using those? OR better yet, stop using those awesome jolees trees....This is also back in the day when I bought more things to use on a specific page vs. just hunting around to see what I had that I could upcycle.

Anyhow, I'll be back soon with another flying page. Trying to get my posts caught up from this week!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Little Trays and some Spray

It was some fine weather this weekend, which is why I'm showing you the side lawn in conjunction with these two pieces. Good mowing weather, good playing with plants weather, and very good weather for some spray paint, which is why I dragged out these two trays to alter.

The golf ball holder is being sent to a friend so she can play the Twelve Tags of Christmas over at the Funkie Junkie if she gets time. If she doesn't, I am sure she'll find something fun to do with it. The second brown one happened to work really well with that cool vintage chair top I found so I wanted to cut it down and get it attached.

My first task with both was to get them ready for paint. As you can see, the golf ball holder got the back removed. WHICH means (insert happy dance here) I can add a pretty piece of paper on the piece of wood and reattach. Since she only has to do 12 tags, she can use the rest of the open spots as a blank area to rest the eye. ;-) The tags get kinda busy if you are trying to fit everything in. On the brown one, the chair top was cut down carefully and attached with sheet rock screws that were countersunk.

After spraying and drying, I assessed both pieces for hardware. This to me is the BEST PART EVER. I was very sad when I figured out that the golf ball holder couldn't have a cool glass handle or feet due to the placement of the I had to add something else pretty. Pretty wood flower! Of course I had to add those scallopy metal gold pieces to the printer tray. They are hot glued in and were spray painted gold to match some of the gold shimmer

Not bad for a little bit of work on a Saturday and some quick spray painting! Now to find the perfect piece of background paper and get this piece mailed out!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Encampment Layout with Vintage Gold Buttons and Accordion Blooms

Goodness gracious it's nice to go off and stretch your legs for a bit so you appreciate your space when you get back! This layout was waiting for me on my scrapbook table and I needed to add the flowers, journaling, and some bling! It was nice only doing the fun part, which was making those crazy flowers. I'm still in love with banners & accordion blooms which are probably so last year or was it the year before?

There you go! I knew you'd want to see them closer. Technically they are WATER COLOR blooms which makes them trendy since that's the thing these days. I cheated and used some leaves off some upcycled roses as I was done cutting things pretty much after those blooms. I used some vintage gold buttons that I thought matched well with my page. I clipped off the button hooks on the back with some pliers.

My other bling are some glued on gold stars with gems in the middle. None of this is very manly, but they are MY PAGES so I can make them all pretty! It's one of two pages I'm making...the photo of his flight just came in the mail so I'll be making another soon! More blooms? It's entirely possible!

Happy Hump Day!