Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Unicorn Horn Ornaments & Wild Roses Platter

I've been stalking our Habitat ReStore these days for vintage Christmas because who doesn't love a really cool mercury glass ornament or some velvet holly. I spotted this platter in a huge rack of plates out of the corner of my eye. I am always on the look out for hand painted plates and this one was super cool.

It was hand signed E.D.J. on the back in gold. I was super impressed with the shading myself. I am pretty sure these are roses. I thought for a bit maybe cherry blossoms although I could run with maybe both? Anyhow, super pretty. I am expanding my plate wall a bit. Grandma Skip started it with her pretty plates and I've been collecting since.

This little shabby chippy wall art is also on the agenda for the long break over Thanksgiving. I have some things to make for Visons of Sugar Plums! I usually give away three hand made things and so far I've got two planned....maybe three if I can figure out a good way to use those unicorn ornaments!

Happy Wednesday! I'm off getting glittery & eating good food the rest of this week!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

12 "Tags" of Christmas for the Funkie Junkie: Jar Eight

I've got another little jar here to share with you! This one was so much fun. I lucked out and found a little salt shaker that was missing a pepper and needed to be pretty. It had such a cool shape and retro top.

I was inspired by the snowflakes and that lovely blue color on Linda's Funkie Junkie tag. I used a little bit more of a turquoise on my bottle and switched out the salmon color for red. 

I built a big topper for this jar out of vellum snowflakes and a plastic snowflake ornament. Then I added itty bitty red sparkle flowers to the center. Lots and lots of glitter was involved because it's snowy!

One more photo and I'm off! It's Tuesday and we have Turkey Day at work! I'll be working on Jar Nine too over the break! I'll also be taking a peek at the Funkie Junkie Boutique where I am sure there will be an epic Black Friday sale! 

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Bitty Silver & Gold Box for THE CUTTING CAFE

Goodness gracious this is such an adorable cutting file! There is something super cool about little boxes. It didn't start out little, but I used the TISSUE BOX TEMPLATE from over at THE CUTTING CAFE and shrunk it just a tad.

I removed the circle that the tissue pokes through and then added a little cardboard inside the box to make it extra sturdy. Had so much fun decorating the top! So pretty!

I really have been enjoying this paper pack. It's the Silver & Gold Close to My Heart set. I added some silver trim that really was pretty and another piece of paper with those little deer on them. I'm really excited to add a little gift to this box for Visions of Sugar Plums!!!

Mark your calendar! It's coming up soon!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

12 "Tags" of Christmas for the Funkie Junkie: Jar Seven

I've been holding on to this little itty bitty sprinkle jar for the longest. I liked the shimmery vintage shabby label and I was waiting for the perfect Funkie Junkie tag to use it for.

Linda at the Funkie Junkie totally delivered this past week! I was doing a happy dance because I could make some crinkled ribbon and get all funky! Love these non traditional colors!

For some reason, the plaid & stamped sentiment gave me this whole woodland vibe so I got out a sparkly cream colored butterfly that reminded me of the flower and those pine cones. Added a little fern and some vintage greenery. 

I really love those vintage ornaments I grabbed too. They are so pretty! Talk about pretty, I've been checking out the flowers Linda has in stock over at the Funkie Junkie Boutique! I'm making my shopping list and checking it twice!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Paper Therapy Hammered Christmas Joy Cards

I promised myself last year I would make some hand made cards for our volunteers at Christmas time. Low and behold this very old Stampin' Up Woodie set of tools fell into my hands so I was inspired to start some. It was quite an adventure not using a clear stamp, but I managed to work through it old school. ;-)

I've got a huge pack of plain cards & envelopes on order, so these are just the card fronts. Should be pretty easy to get them attached. I think they are really pretty as the gold hearts on this paper are metallic and the Christmas Joy sentiment is embossed. I've been working with the Silver & Gold collection from Close to My Heart and it's really lovely.

Was good to get some paper therapy going. I was so inspired on the card making front that I made two sample cards & cut all the kits for a Christmas Card making party I'm going to at Thanksgiving time.

I was inspired by this vintage rose post card to make some really sparkly & rather simple cards. I scanned it in and cut a bunch out on photo paper. Usually I pile it on when I'm making cards, but then it's harder to mail as you have to make sure the postage is correct. These are nice and flat so mailing should be easy peasy.

Looking forward to making these with the girls at Thanksgiving! We'll each bring kits for each person to make two cards so if you are quick, you walk out of the party with enough cards to send to everyone on your list. At least I usually do!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Please Kill Me if I get Mean

I said to my husband this past weekend: Please just kill me if I get mean when I get old. He blinked a few times. I felt like an explanation was in order. Take for instance my little Grandma who has dementia and hits people. Granted, it's like getting hit with a really tiny popcorn fart, but still somewhere in her brain she is super pissed. He said calmly and carefully like one who is aware that there is thin ice somewhere....I won't let you get mean. Besides, you'll have a dog. You'll have a reason to live and not be mean.

I pondered this. The lady I had met yesterday had a tiny dog with one tooth that growled and eighteen cats. Wasn't buying the dog thing. It was a toss up if the little fur ball was more mean than the owner.

He went on. A GOOD dog. Besides we all know cats don't count as we are dog people.

Baby, I said....near tears. Yesterday was HARD! I got yelled at twice by people I was trying to help! Why are they so mean? I had meant to hang around home on our Veterans Day holiday. The fam was off school and work and I had plans of some easy emailing and scrapbooking. Instead, I knew that I had a contractor visiting a lady who hadn't had her gas on in over two months and was living without her furnace, stove, hot water heater and dryer. We needed to meet up and sign some paperwork and I needed to beg in person that the guy running the gas lines got everything working. Her natural gas supplier had basically locked out her gas as all the lines were leaking inside her house. It's a wonder she hadn't blown herself up due to smoking like a fiend.

Here in New York, we are in the middle of our first real cold snap this winter and heating guys are busier than a one eyed cat watching nine rat holes. Besides, the heating dude had previously complained about the two cat boxes full of little toosie rolls and unpleasant odors and I wanted to show solidarity. I would have slipped a twelve pack in his van, but I wasn't sure if he would get in trouble or not.

Lady without gas was super bitchy. I'd have been far more understanding if she had not rescheduled the tech which pushed the whole process out a week further. I had called the Heating company up to check the time of the appointment and the local peeps knew her by name, which meant she had been harassing them.

Several hours earlier I had gotten yelled at by a lady because we hadn't sent her an application yet to see if she qualified for our emergency repair grant. I was suspicious that she was the one that was horrid to us previously when she had requested a new stove and it arrived without a large enough window to see into the oven. Turns out I was right and she blistered my ear about not coming to pick up the new free stove that she hadn't wanted as she had bought her own. I happened to know for a fact that we would have picked it up and used it at the next Habitat House if she had given us that option. I hung up on her saying to call back when she could be civil.

Not everyone is mean thankfully or I'd be running for the hills. In fact I've met some very nice people lately. One sweet old lady has an 80 lb lap dog named Buddy so I suspect my husband's theory is correct. Buddy was bark bark barking at us from his dog house as we filled out paperwork so we can try to help his dog Mom with her leaking roof. The lady of the house said that Buddy doesn't like to be far from her and that he often times climbs up in her easy chair while she is sitting in it. I could tell, Buddy is a GOOD dog.

Well, onward and upward. Here's to a new week which hopefully will contain a lot less yelling.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

12 "Tags" of Christmas for the Funkie Junkie: Jar Six

Goodness, I'm half way done with these jars! As you can see, we got our first snow today so it was a good day to take a photo of a Christmas project!

I was inspired by Linda's tag but really ended up going a lot more vintage with the velvet ribbon & burgandy roses. The gold deer made me do it!

I did use the snowflake though! I also used the cream color on the actual jar. Some spray paint got all drippy down the side and made me so happy!

A huge thanks to the Funkie Junkie Boutique for sponsoring this challenge and inspiring us to start Christmas crafting!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Flameworking with Silver & Dichroic

Ever since Lexi picked up a summer volunteering gig at the Corning Museum of Glass, she has been fascinated by the hot glass shows. One birthday she conned her Grandfather into sitting through five hot glass shows in a row and she's always taken friends there.

Fast forward to last summer where she was got a job working there. She did a lot of demonstrations and made friends with the flame workers who also do shows, but of course know how to flame work which is more complicated than just demonstrating optical fiber. When summer ended, she took her hard earned cash and paid for her own flameworking class that basically takes up an entire weekday evening so she has to plan accordingly with homework and go to school tired the next day. With the holidays, she'll also pick up some more hours working which is nice for her. Good thing the other kid has us staying home for Snowbird & Harris Hill Gliding!

Her favorite item she's made so far is this marble. The swirls are real silver. So pretty.

My favorite is the one on the top made with that coppery colored dichroic glass.

It's hanging out out with my air plants and pretty ceramic koi fish!

Thanks for hanging out with me for a proud Mama moment! Happy Hump Day! Back tomorrow with my Jar for the Funkie Junkie 12 Tags of Christmas!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Centerpiecing with Musuem Trees & Silk Plants Direct for the Civil Air Patrol Christmas Party

I always swear I'm going to start things sooner for the holidays. It's my third year making the centerpieces for the Civil Air Patrol Christmas Party. This year I took my own advice and started gathering things up mid July. If you know you are running with red, white and blue for a color scheme, it's not hard to find deeply discounted items after the 4th. I like the centerpieces to be inexpensive yet really nice so they can give them away by asking for a small donation.

I used dollar store vases combined with black and silver spray paint. My Mom hand made a bunch of bows using the ribbon I had from last year, those white poinsettias were six for a dollar at the ReStore, and the snowflakes under the CAP logo were ten for a dollar.

I lucked out even further as I was asked to review a product made by Museum Trees. I was asked to pick out an item from Silk Plants Direct, a sister company. It was VERY hard to pick just one. I decided to pick out this pinecone centerpiece that looked like I could use it at the CAP Christmas Party. I was really pumped when this super amazing item arrived on my doorstep! It's very high quality and really nice. Those super huge pine cones aren't real!!! Can you believe it? I know, me neither 'cause you really can't tell. I added some sparkly white lights and those bulbs to pull it all together.

I then had to play with a big bow my Mom sent me. I can't decide whether I'll use it or not. To be honest, this product is very versatile as you can really switch what you put in the big glass jar in the center up so you could run with an elegant three wick candle and a snowflake bow and have this be out all winter.

For all my readers, they are offering 10% off orders on their Silk Plants Direct Website if you use the code BLOGGER10. Let me know if you are interested in reviewing one of their items and I'll forward your info along. The hardest part is picking an item to be honest!

I'm back tomorrow with some work by my daughter. She is taking a hot glass class and you have to see what she's been up to. Proud Mom Moment!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Friends Together Layout for THE CUTTING CAFE

We had a really nice bunch of kids at our house this past Sunday for paintball. Luke likes to host one of these right events around his birthday, however it's never a Birthday Party. Despite the rain, lots of paint was splattered and kids left grinning. I alternated standing by the wood stove in the garage eating cupcakes with hanging out in my office playing with this really sweet cutting file called Happy Fall Scene Card Template from THE CUTTING CAFE.

This red truck makes me very happy as does the very cool pumpkins I put in the back. I ran with a water color look that I got by stamping the color on white paper and then spritzing with some clear mist. I even stamped on some grass...little loops. FUN TIMES!!!

So pretty!!! Those little leaves for the pumpkins are like icing on the cake!

Well, I'm off to put another load of paint clothes in the laundry and start the dishwasher...from party clean up. The smile on my boy's face is worth it though!

Happy Monday!

Friday, November 3, 2017

I Live with Ghosts Story by Alexia

I promised another Halloween related post so here you go! Next week I'll be jumping head first into fall with my Cutting Cafe Post and another jar for the Funkie Junkie, but this week I'm Halloweening! Enjoy this story by my daughter Lexi!

I Live With Ghosts

My eyes pull themselves open and I stare into the inky blackness clinging to the ceiling in my room. A car drives by, it sounds like it’s going too fast. The headlights flash past my bedroom window temporarily illuminating the room. I make out the shape of my wife beside me and feel a mournful weight in my chest. I know what woke me, but I wait for it again, it’s always the same thing. I wait for it anyway. A piercing scream splits the quiet of my quiet house, then another and another. I push myself wearily from  the bed. My wife doesn’t stir, she’s always been a heavy sleeper after all. I pull on a bathrobe over my ratty t-shirt and old shorts and make my way out into the hallway. It’s dark, so dark, but I know the way. I’ve lived in this house for a very long time, and made this trek many times. I make my way down the hallway, to the next room over as another scream splits the night. I push the door open gently. I can see the outline of the cradle and the bookcase and toybox from the pathetic light cast by the tiny nightlight in the opposite corner. I make my way over to the small bundle of blankets resting in the cradle and carefully lean over the railing. “Baby… Baby please stop. Please just rest so that I can…” I whisper. I know it won’t help, but I hope anyway. My shoulders slump as another scream rips through my mind. It’d been wet and rainy lately, which agitated some old injuries and made me ache all over. I knew what I had to do, but I was loathe to. There was no other way. I left the baby’s room and made my way down the rest of the hallway to the kitchen. My hip connected with the chair sitting at the dining table, making a loud screech across the floor and the cat, who was resting peacefully by the front door skittering across the floor. I attempted to calm the racing in my chest and listened to the next screech that clawed it’s way to my ears. I shoved my feet into the sneakers by the door, undid the deadbolt and stepped out into the night. I glanced behind me to see the cat watching me reproachfully from the hallway. I let the door close behind me. It was cold and clammy out. The street was quiet and deserted as I left my port and set my path onto the rain-wet sidewalk. This path was too familiar. I’d taken it day and night and any time in between. Sometimes I imagined that there was a groove worn into the sidewalk from my many walks. The moon was full tonight and lit the desolate world around me with a dusty grey. A biting wind blew and pierced its way right through my bathrobe. I shivered and shoved my icy hands under my arms. I stopped in front of my all too familiar destination. I pushed the gate open, it creaked and wailed and swung closed behind me. I heard my baby’s scream again, muffled though this time. I followed it carefully, avoiding the short obstacles around me, until I found myself in front of two stones. One large, the other one much smaller. I ran my fingers over the larger one gently, and it felt like cold fingers squeezed my heart. I knelt in front of the smaller one and pressed my cold fingers into the damp earth. I bowed my head. “Baby, please. You must rest so I can. I wish everyday for you to come back to me, but I can’t keep doing this.” I looked up at the gravestone as a small whimper replaced the scream. “Caroline Hayes, 10/13/2008 - 10/15/2008” “I know you’re lonely, but you’re killing me. I need sleep. I need peace…” I waited for another cry, sometimes it didn’t work on the first try. When several minutes had passed I pushed myself up from the earth. I paused at the first gravestone- the larger one. I rested my hand on it’s cool surface and re-read its inscription for what felt like the millionth time, “Meredith Hayes, 7/19/1984 - 10/13/2008”. I turned from the two bleak graves and trudged back to the sidewalk. I paused and listened to the gate squeal closed behind me. I dreaded the walk home. Going home was always the worst part. I put one foot in front of the other as a slow mist descended upon the earth. I felt the old aches flare up in protest. Every fiber of my body knew what came next,  and not one of them wanted to keep walking towards it. The pale moonlight was suddenly blotted out by heavy clouds and everything was plunged into darkness. When I was about half way home headlights blazed from behind me. I stopped to watch the car blaze past, going 65 in a 35. Going too fast. Each new step forward seemed to pour more cement into my shoes. I heard the crash, squealing tires and the sharp sound of metal being bent and wrenched in ways the seemed unreal. A few more steps and I crested the gentle hill in front of me, though it felt like a mountain. The scene was all there in front of me, the car that had been going too fast was red and the one it had collided with was silver. Broken glass and various vehicle fluids monopolized the surrounding asphalt. There was hissing and creaking from hot metal. The silver car had been going the speed limit, but had swerved suddenly to avoid hitting a stray cat. That cat was well know in this neighborhood and generally well taken care of by the food scraps and bowls of water left out on front porches. That cat now lay in a disfigured, pitiful lump a few feet from the scene. The red car had come over the hill and swerved to avoid the silver car. Unfortunately the person in the red car hadn’t had the reaction time  or sobriety to compete with the pure velocity of the car and avoid the silver car or the cat. The lights from the surrounding houses all seemed to flare on at once as doors were flung open. The drizzle hardened into a steady pour, soaking me further. I approached the wreck. The red car had been bigger and newer and had fared much better than the silver one, which had been essentially flung into the trunk of a nearby tree and knocked onto its passenger side. I heard groaning from the red car, but I ignored it. I heard the baby screaming and squeezed my eyes shut. It would be the last time I heard her scream tonight. I walked around to where the windshield was- cracked and partially popped out of its frame. My eyes landed on the woman in the passenger seat. She had died instantly when her neck snapped, her eyes half closed and shock frozen on her face. The baby’s screaming continued, she was scared and hurt. She had fallen from the woman's arms and now lay against the passenger side window. She wouldn’t survive either, though she had at least made it to the same hospital she had just come from. Lastly I dragged my eyes to the driver. He was bleeding from the head and had a severe concussion and had had countless broken bones. He hung limply from the seat belt. The airbags hung awkwardly like low budget ghosts. I saw the man twitch and his eyes open painfully slowly. They landed on me, but they were not seeing me. I turned and stared at the man from the red car. He was bloody, both inside and out. He would later die from complications during a surgery to stop a bleed in his brain. His voice rasped out like death “I’m…So sorry…”. He wasn’t speaking to me, I sighed and slowly turned. The man in the car didn’t seem to understand, he couldn’t hear anything anyway over the ringing in his ear. I watched his brow furrow as he tried to piece things together, a feat he wouldn’t manage until it was explained to him several days later in the hospital. The baby was still wailing and it had reached a deafening crescendo now as people flocked to the grisly scene. Sirens bit through the night air and drowned the baby’s cries out and blocked out the maddening mumbling from the driver of the red car. He stood and just stared through the windshield in shock. I bowed my head and turned on my heels, stepping up to the side walk. I didn’t turn once to look back at the crash and slowly the lights from the houses faded back to black and the darkness of the night swallowed me up again. I stood in front of my house for a moment. The cat sat outside now on the railing of my porch, it’s yellow eyes tracking my every move silently. I pushed the door open and stepped back into the darkness of my home. I didn’t hear anything, but I knew the cat had jumped down from it’s post and followed me inside. I stepped on the heels of my sneaker to pull them off and trudged wearily out of the kitchen to the hallway. I paused momentarily outside the baby’s room and almost went inside, but decided against it, like I do every night, for fear I’d wake her again. I pushed the door open to my bedroom. The cat sat at the window, it’s back turned to me as a red car sped by. My wife shifted as I sat down on the edge of the bed. I put my head in my hands. She moved closer to me, so that she was just behind me, close enough where I should feel her warmth. I feel icy fingers on my shoulder, “you should rest in peace now.” she whispered in my ear. I knew better than to look at her, I couldn’t face her. “We can’t rest until you do, dear.” she continued drawing away, her fingers leaving my shoulder. I took a deep, shaky breath and steeled my nerves. I turned suddenly, changing my mind for a split second and hoping to catch a glimpse of her one last time. I was alone again and I felt it weigh on me. There were many souls in this house, but only one of them was alive. Even still, I felt as though mine was ready to give out at any second now. I settled down beneath the cold covers and waited for sleep to come and claim me.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy Halloween Layout of Mucas

Ah yes, the day after Halloween in the the States which is known as half off candy day.....(insert happy Snicker Dance here!). I thought I'd stay in the spirit and show you a couple more spooky hand made things this week. This is a really simple page using a photo that kid that goes to school with my kid grabbed of Lucas and his friend Megan. (Their joint nickname in school is Mucas.)

The real star here, besides Mucas is that plastic upcycled skeleton that came off a lolly. I made it ages and ages ago and when some of the decorations came out of the closet, I realized that the Spice Rack project I made for THE CUTTING CAFE had started to come unglued. The head is from printable stamp set called Halloween Trio. Judging by the date stamp on my post, it's already four years old! Goodness, I've been on that team that long? That's a lot of cutting files!

One more shot of my cool skeleton and so you can take a good long look at that purple paper. I have had that in my stash way longer with four years! It worked perfect as I don't normally get to scrap many Halloween photos!

Happy Hump Day to you peeps! Don't eat too much candy!